Powerboat P1 SuperStock hosts media day in Jacksonville


Powerboat P1 SuperStock CEO Azam Rangoonwala, head of sponsorship Lara Johnston, marketing coordinator Marissa Thompson, Visit Jacksonville-sponsored driver George Ivey and City of Jacksonville officials attended a media event on May 29 at Metropolitan Park to share information on the PowerBoat series.

Over the last five years, Powerboat P1 SuperStock racing has grown into a global draw that is broadcast in 153 countries with a reach of over 500 million people. There are 18 events in seven nations, garnering $170 million in brand exposure, 62 million social impressions and 10 million video views. Fox Sports Florida covers the races locally.

"People globally follow it," noted Rangoonwala, who was in town for the Jacksonville Grand Prix on June 2. "We appeal to a global marine audience and people who enjoy the water, who enjoy the racing and especially boat racing."

Ragoonwala, who has experience with boat racing, described the sport as “something different that you don’t see every day.”

"We talk about activating the river and activating the waterway and that's exactly what we're doing and it's providing action,” he said. “Not only is it the fun of watching the racing, but it's a great day to spend out on the water too."

Powerboat P1 drivers are flanked by navigators who guide them through blind spots as they fly through the course at an average of 70 miles per hour. Ragoonwala said the driver relies on the navigator for situational awareness.

“Your focus needs to be on literally what’s right in front of you in your vision,” he said. “You’re relying on your navigator to tell you how far to the left is one guy, how far to the right is the other guy, how far behind is he? You don’t have spotters on land like you do in the racing car series, it’s all dependent on your navigator.”

The P1 SuperStock race season started on April 20-22 in Miami and wraps up on July 1 in Sarasota. For more information on Powerboat P1 SuperStock racing, visit www.powerboatp1.com.