PVB students connect with Kansas school via Skype


Students in Amy Cole's third grade classroom on the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus were dressed in short sleeves and shorts Jan. 22 under blue skies and warm sun. The mystery class they Skyped that day, however, was full of students in sweaters, and their teacher said snow was on the ground.

Both classes participated in an hour-long "Mystery Skype" event with one goal: figure out, using carefully cultivated yes or no questions, what state their virtual friends called home. Students in both classes were assigned roles to help eliminate states, research questions, answer questions and share information.

Following the session, the Bolles students figured out that their friends go to school in Kansas. Later, both classes congregated in front of the computer to exchange greetings and congratulations at the end of the exercise.

Bolles Instructional Technology Specialist Jennifer Moore helped facilitate the exchange between the two schools.