Roscolusa Festival brings Nashville songwriters to Ponte Vedra for one-night music event


The seventh annual Roscolusa Songwriters Festival, featuring Maggie Rose, Jeffrey Steele, Earl Bud Lee and others, took place last Saturday, April 28, in Nocatee.

Festival attendees enjoyed live music, food, drinks, kids’ activities and more. Started in 2012, the one-night event brings songwriters from Nashville to Ponte Vedra to share the stories behind popular songs and perform them live on stage. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, a nonprofit organization helping local families tackle childhood cancer.

"It's all the people that have written all of the top radio songs and all the music artists that you hear on the radio," volunteer coordinator Meagan Dubberly said. "These are the guys that got to sit down and write it and pitch it to the singers who then produce it. They come here, and they get to sit down and do a small ‘writers round.’ It's pretty intimate, and they get to tell the story behind the song and tell us how it came about, what made them write it."

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