SAHS student arrested for hoax threats


Youth Resource Deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office responded to threats of school violence written on a school wall within St. Augustine High School Wednesday (yesterday) afternoon. Following the investigation, a 14 year-old student was arrested and charged with two second degree felonies, one which related to the “false reporting of a bomb threat” and a paralleled charge for the stated “use of a firearm in a violent manner.”    

The two charges stemmed from two separate events that occurred at St. Augustine High School. The first incident occurred days after the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, while the second event occurred yesterday. 

During the first incident, writings were found on a wall stating “School Shooting Happening at ___ P.M. Today.” The writings prompted a scaled response from both law enforcement and school officials to ensure the campus remained secure. Yesterday's event was also prompted by writings on a wall, which indicated “Bomb on Campus.”  

The latest incident, which was the third school threat in the past two days for St. Johns County, initiated a lockdown of the St. Augustine High School campus, while investigators carried out “render safe” protocols along with on-site school officials.

Investigators began interviewing several individuals who may have had knowledge of the event, and while searching the campus and reviewing school video footage, developed a person of interest. When the 14 year-old student was interviewed, along with a parent, he told deputies he had been responsible for the writings. The student was arrested and booked at the St. Johns County Jail before being released into the custody of his parents.