State Farm offers tips on protecting valuables, vehicles


State Farm has released its annual hurricane claim stats and is encouraging Floridians to prepare for the season with a home inventory. In 2021, State Farm received around 119,000 home and auto claims nationally from hurricanes, totaling approximately $1.2 billion in claims paid to help customers repair and rebuild.

The storms included in the 2021 claims data include Henri, Nicholas and Ida.

Floridians are encouraged to make a walk-through home inventory now before storms hit. Open those drawers and closets and take photos and video.

While residents are most likely familiar with hurricane prep tips for the home, many may not have thought to prepare their vehicle for hurricane season. One in four State Farm claims from hurricanes in 2021 were auto claims, with approximately $259 million paid to drivers to cover damage to vehicles from the storms. Floridians are encouraged to make sure their vehicle is adequately covered for damage from a storm.

Tips to prepare vehicles for hurricanes: 

  • Garage or store vehicles. If you don't have a garage, move them to area offering most protection from flying debris.
  • Remove all externally mounted electronics on vehicles that might be damaged.
  • Place garbage cans, patio furniture, grills and other potentially wind-borne objects inside your home or garage to reduce flying debris from damaging your vehicle.
  • Prune branches that might break off during the storm and cause damage to your vehicles.

Comprehensive coverage is the coverage that kicks in to repair or replace a covered vehicle damaged by something other than collision or rolling over. For example, damage to a vehicle caused by wind or flood during a hurricane are covered under comprehensive coverage.

Florida drivers are encouraged to speak with their insurance agent at the start of hurricane season to make sure they have adequate coverage for vehicle during a hurricane or storm, including comprehensive coverage.


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