Students promoted at Paks Ponte Vedra


Paks Ponte Vedra recently evaluated and promoted a number of students at their Tang Soo Do training academy located in Panther Plaza Shopping Center, across from Nease High School.

Bill DeGrafft, owner and Head Instructor at the school, says that having scheduled promotional exams on a regular schedule helps students with goal setting, self-discipline, and focus.

“Students know when they need to be ready to test and we work with them on their goal setting, monitoring their progress closely, to ensure they are ready to test on time,” DeGrafft said.

Tests are proctored by Senior Master Mitch Kramer and Senior Master Richard Sixkiller from the United Tang Soo Do Federation and well as by Grand Master Song Ki Pak, the President of the UTF. During testing, Grand Master Pak and Senior Masters offer advice to individual students and help set expectations for future tests. Students performed various forms, techniques, sparring and breaking assigned to be promoted to their next rank.

At Pak’s Ponte Vedra, the testing cycle is complete when the students are presented their next belt, along with their assignments for the next test, at the Awards Luncheon held at the school.

DeGrafft said he likes the students to know exactly what they will test on and what level of proficiency is required for the next test. He believes that this is the only way for student to feel empowered o achieve the next rank promotion.

Testing for promotions were the following students: Maya Johnson, Amelia Wilhelm, Ryan Nunez, Bryce Walker, Riley McGowan, Caleb Hobbs, Julian Hardy, Nick Salomon, Avery Sneed, Matt Accurso, John Deligero, Seth Relampagos, Sim Deligero, Isaiah Haire, Andres Maldonado, Ethan Brown, Alan Lovett, Breanne Beaver, Luke Hamilton, Sam Lewis, Brianna Niles,Matthew DeMarco, Hanna Morrill, Paden Pinder, Raven Weston, Josh Rio Deligero, Manu Nair, Reid Norteman, Sabrina Lewis, Aveline Hamilton, John Hamilton, Natasha Hamilton, Daniel Oswald, Reef Hamilton, Morgan Shreve, Kayla Shreve and Ian Lilkendy.

“I am very proud of how hard the students worked to get ready for this test,” DeGrafft said. “They did an awesome job and all earned their promotions. It was a very good test. Miss Leila and I want to thank students for their commitment to their training. We can’t forget to recognize the parents and the key role they play in making this such a success.”

Recognized as the Best Martial Arts School in St. Augustine for 2015, Pak’s Ponte Vedra is located in Panther Plaza Shopping Center across from Nease High School on US Highway 1 North.

Visit their website or call (904) 829-8087 for more information about the school and the programs offered.