‘The Addams Family’ to be Alhambra’s fall feature


With Halloween fast approaching, the Alhambra Theatre & Dining will embrace the spooky spirit of the holiday by presenting Broadway’s “The Addams Family” musical.

Alhambra guests will enjoy the crazy upside-down world of the Addams Family, where to be sad is happy, to feel pain is joy and death and suffering are what their dreams are made of. Comedy ensues when the Addams’ dark, beloved daughter Wednesday falls in love with Lucas, an ordinary boy who knows nothing of her strange family.

Originally a 1940s cartoon created by Charles Addams, the evolution of those who became known as “The Addams Family” eventually landed them on television, film and Broadway. When the musical opened on Broadway in 2010, it starred Nathan Lane as Gomez Addams and Bebe Neuwirth as his wife, Morticia. The Broadway show ran for 21 months, giving more than 700 performances and grossing more than $60 million. The show later opened in London before launching into U.S. and European tours in 2011. 

Patterned after the Broadway show, the Alhambra version will feature more than 20 original songs. The cast will feature two actors who were on the U.S. national tour, including Shaun Rice as Uncle Fester and Jake Delaney, who plays one of the Addams’ ancestors. Additionally, Carlos Lopez, who plays Gomez, appeared in a host of Broadway shows; Stacey Harris, who plays Morticia, was in Broadway’s “Bells Are Ringing” and Evan Gray, who will play Pugsley Addams, just closed the U.S. national tour of “Matilda.”

“This cast is one of the most decorated ensembles we’ve had on our stage,” Alhambra Managing Partner Craig Smith said. “It is a perfect Halloween tale as we journey through our 50th anniversary season. This show represents well our theme of ‘50 Years of Memories.’ Chef DeJuan is really taking advantage of the show’s creativity for the menu, and I know our guests will be thrilled with its diversity.”

“The Addams Family” will run at the Alhambra Theatre & Dining from Oct. 4 through Nov. 12, 2017. Tickets start at $35, which includes dinner, the show and parking. For additional information, call the box office at (904) 641-1212 or visit www.alhambrajax.com.