Turtle nesting membership a unique Mother’s Day gift idea


Finding a gift for Mother’s Day can be tough at times, but one unique gift to get the mom who is conscious about the environment is a membership to the sea turtle program with the Friends of Anastasia State Park.

According to the Friends of Anastatia Park, the membership is one of the best ways to keep track of all the turtle happenings taking place at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine.

There are several membership types to choose from, each consisting of various benefits, including a tote, tumbler and free entry into Anastasia State Park.

Turtle conservation is something on the mind of many and a passion for many in the area and the creation of the turtle nest program was put in place to help raise money and offer continued support, including a strong learning environment to better protect the endangered sea turtle population.

The next step after signing up is deciding which of the three types of sponsorships to get involved with.

The individual/family sponsorship is $50, while the small business sponsorship is $100 and large business sponsorship is $250.

Each sponsorship includes 12 free park entries as part of the package of benefits.

Donations can always be made on top of the sponsorship to the turtle nest program as it is dependent on the community’s support due to the Friends of Anastasia state Park being a nonprofit organization.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to generate supplemental resources that will provide increased recreational opportunities and further enhance protection of the natural and cultural resources of Anastasia State Park.

Local mothers and their families can now join in the mission and do their part to help give back to the cause and help secure the future of sea turtles along the First Coast.