U-Haul offers 30 days of free self-storage at 96 facilities in Florida post-Hurricane Irma


U-Haul is offering 30 days of free self-storage and U-Box container usage at 96 of its facilities across Florida to residents impacted by Hurricane Irma.

“This is a neighborly service we have the ability to extend as Irma approaches, and in her aftermath. We are happy to assist our communities in times of need," U-Haul Company of Eastern Florida President Cal Conner said prior to Irma’s arrival.

U-Haul companies of Clearwater, Eastern Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, North Orlando, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa and Western Florida have made 96 facilities across 54 cities available to offer the 30-day free disaster relief assistance program.

Floridians seeking self-storage assistance should contact their nearest participating U-Haul facility.