One of Us

Vicki Wyckoff


Can you please briefly tell us about your background?

My husband and I, along with our three boys, moved to Florida approximately 25 years ago from the Northeast. We were here for two weeks and decided that we were not leaving! I was very fortunate that I was able to stay home with our boys when they were growing up. That gave me the ability to use my time volunteering and serving in a variety of ways through educational, athletic and nonprofit channels.  

What do you enjoy most about your role?

As our Beaches population continues to age (which it does), I am enjoying that I will be part of getting processes in place that will help people to age well. There are so many opportunities available for seniors to remain active and engaged if only they know about them. So, Beaches Council on Aging is working to be the conduit to help keep our seniors active, healthy and engaged.

What are some of the challenges that your industry is facing?

One of the largest challenges facing seniors today is isolation. This has been true historically but even more pronounced since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our program, Dial-A-Ride, we have been able to be a reliable contact for so many seniors at the beach by providing them transportation, companionship and, at some points, a lifeline for necessities. 

What are your primary roles/responsibilities?

My primary roles with Beaches Council on Aging are to oversee and provide direction to our board of directors and to work with our amazing Executive Director Lori Anderson.  Our goal as an organization is to connect senior beaches residents to people, services and places that will improve their quality of life.  

What do you enjoy most about living in the North Florida area?

Everything! Being from New Jersey, I absolutely love the warm/hot weather here. It is wonderful to be able to be outside so much of the time.

What do you like to do in your free time?

 In my free time, I enjoy exercising, biking, gardening and spending time with my husband, Chuck, and our dog, Gus.