Zebra born at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens


The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens recently announced the birth of a healthy Grevy’s zebra early in the morning, Sunday, July 7. The Zoo’s fourth zebra foal was born to 5-year-old Makena (female) and 19-year-old Mosi (male) and is already on exhibit along the Africa Loop. This is Makena’s first foal and the fourth fathered by Mosi. Zoo staff are excited as this is the first foal born since April 6, 2014. He is on exhibit with his mother Makena and another mare, Eclipse, who is an experienced dam but is no longer being bred because of her advanced age. 

The Grevy’s zebra is native to the dry desert regions and open grasslands of Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea and South East Ethiopia. Their endangered status is due mostly to habitat fragmentation and loss of land to agriculture use. They are the largest of all wild equines and boast narrow, close-set stripes. 

“The birth went well and was unassisted by staff,” said Dan Maloney, Deputy Zoo Director. “Guests have been excited to view the new foal and we are proud to welcome another Grevy’s zebra to our zoo family and help raise awareness and support for this rare species.”   

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens proudly supports the Grevy's Zebra Trust as they work to conserve the endangered Grevy’s zebra within its existing range through monitoring, active protection, the aid of local communities and partnerships, both regional and international. 

Visit the Zoo this month to see the youngster exploring his exhibit and delighting guests. The foal can also be seen during Night at the Zoo Friday until 8 p.m. and tickets are online, pre-sale only.


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