10 quick tips to make your wedding grand


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            As the owner of Pop Décor, LLC, in Palm Coast, Sherra Jones specializes in designing unique customized gift bags and other stylish party favors that can be shipped anywhere in the United States. In addition, she offers detailed wedding coordination and honeymoon travel arrangements. Jones shares with the First Coast Register 10 quick tips to make your wedding grand.

1.      Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. The appearance should be flawless — grammatically worded, properly addressed and hand-cancelled to prevent damage that usually happens when envelopes are sent through a machine. Not all post offices will be accommodating, but search for those that will be considerate enough to help you.

2.      To add a touch of color to the wedding invitation ensemble, choose a bold color for the return envelope. When the invitation is opened, the colored envelope adds interest.

3.      Number the invitation response card on the back per the numbered guest list. Often, you receive a response with no name indicated. In cases such as this, you can verify the name based on the number on the back as it corresponds to the guest list.

4.      If you were the sole planner for your wedding, then choose a day coordinator on the day of the wedding. You want to ensure things go smoothly, and this decision allows you to relax and enjoy the day.

5.      Have your ushers manage crowd control. They should be the first to arrive before the ceremony and prepared to eagerly answer questions that a guest may have. For example, where is the bathroom or water fountain? Do you have directions to the reception venue? Where should I sit?

6.      On the reception menu, add the bride and groom's name at the top to make a keepsake for family members. If you can afford it, print each guest's name on the menu. The latter adds a personal touch and makes each guest feel welcome and appreciated.

7.      The older family members should be seated in an area that provides an optimal view of the activities during the reception. Often, the guests will surround the dance floor, especially when the bride and groom arrive, and the view is blocked for the elderly who are seated.

8.      To ward off possible theft, assign a reliable family member to monitor the gifts as they are received.

9.      Purchase wedding insurance, specifically liability insurance.

10.  To ensure the wedding couple's safety, have a private driver/chauffeur pick them up after the sendoff at the reception.

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