500 Atlantic partners to provide space for Atlantic beach Experimental Theatre


500 Atlantic has partnered with the Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre (ABET) to provite theatre space in Neptune Beach Plaza, which is proposed for re-development as a mixed-use neighborhood - 500 Atlantic. ABET will temporarily occupy space in the same building as Lucky's Market. Upon completion, ABET will relocate to a permanent facility within the development.

“We are so grateful for this timely partnership, as it will give us a much-needed dedicated space for our organization,” said Judy Hulett, a member of the ABET Board of Directors. “We have had a wonderful relationship with Atlantic Beach for the last 26 years and truly appreciate the support the community has given us. However, this move will allow us expand our reach across the entire Beaches region.”          

As part of the move, ABET will change its name from Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre to All Beaches Experimental Theatre to reflect this summer's new location. The group's acronym will remain the same.

“We are eager to dedicate our time and money to expanding our activities and offerings for families and to attracting a more diverse audience," said Hulett. "Having a local theatre that offers better parking and is more visibly and centrally located near the Beaches Town Center makes it available to all those who live in and visit the Beaches. Our long-term goal is to expand as a cultural arts center in this location that will cultivate theatre, dance and music.”

Founded in 1992 to bring more original scripts and challenging plays and musicals to Jacksonville, ABET encourages new talent and involvement from both adults and children. The 2018-19 season, which begins in the fall, will open and close with two family-friendly classics: "James and the Giant Peach" and "Alice in Wonderland."

Formerly the site of K-Mart, 500 Atlantic is a mixed-use pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that will contain a vibrant mix of residences, shops, a grocer and restaurants. The community will include a multi-purpose trail to nearby Jarboe Park and walkable connections to the adjacent Beaches Town Center and the larger community.

For more information on ABET, call (904) 249-7177 or visit www.abettheatre.com.