A few tips on how to make kids’ parties special


Successful kids’ parties can contribute to children’s happiness. Savvy adults can adhere to the following strategies to make kids' parties successful.

Don’t overbook

Keep guest lists to a minimum, especially if peers from school or other youngsters are invited. Generally speaking, the younger the crowd, the smaller the guest list. A small guest list reduces the likelihood of meltdowns, excitability and the number of well-meaning parental chaperones who will want to stay and watch over their kids. Parties that are too large can be overwhelming for the guest of honor, too. Popular party location vendor iPlayAmerica suggests following the “age plus one” guideline. According to this approach, if the child is turning 5, invite six kids.

Stick to a certain time and time limit

First, select a time of day when children will be rested and able to enjoy the entire party. Many party planning experts say that a party between 90 minutes and two hours is adequate. Anything longer than that and kids' attention may start to wane. Especially young children may benefit from even shorter parties. Children can become acclimated, play and eat food and treats within this time. An exception to the rule may be a pool party or one that has another predetermined activity, such as ice skating or bowling.

Kids’ parties are an entertaining way for friends and family to come together to celebrate milestones. Keeping them simple and organized are keys to successful parties.