Airport votes no ad valorem taxes


At their final public hearing on late Sept., the St. Augustine – St. Johns County Airport Authority again voted not to assess ad valorem taxes. This marks the fifth year of the facility sustaining itself, made final during the Authority’s meeting at the airport’s conference center. Following adoption of another zero millage resolution, the Authority adopted a final budget of $9,528,133 for the upcoming 2015-16 fiscal year.

“We are excited to be able to again demonstrate our commitment to remaining off of local taxes,” said Suzanne Green, Chairman of the Airport Authority. “This marks the fifth consecutive year that we have been able to approve a budget that does not require ad valorem taxes.”

Making up nearly one-third of the Authority’s budget are several planned capital projects aimed at enhancing the airline passenger experience and enhancing flight safety at the Northeast Florida Regional Airport. These projects are being majority funded by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation, through grants from aviation user trust funds.

“The Aviation Trust Fund is an essential funding component of airport capital projects throughout the nation and we are grateful to the FAA and FDOT as we as Rep. Ron DeSantis for his continued support of the airport as a vital community and economic asset,” Green said.

The Northeast Florida Regional Airport is owned and operated by the St. Augustine – St. Johns County Airport Authority on behalf of the citizens of St. Johns County. The Authority was created in 1963 and approved by voters in 1964. The airport is located at 4900 US Highway 1, N. in St. Augustine. For more information, visit