Buckle up for endless comedy with 'Boeing, Boeing'


Alhambra Theatre & Dining’s latest show “Boeing, Boeing” is designed to garner the laughs of the audience and it does an excellent job of delivering on this promise.

The show held its opening night on May 23 and will run until June 16 providing non-stop comedy along the way.

The show is unique in many ways, including the fact that it offers a change of pace from the traditional musicals that are traditionally taking stage at the Alhambra.

It continues to show the versatility that the theatre offers in its show calendar, which can be a real treat for both the audience members and present the performers with an option to showcase their range of talents as well.

Another interesting aspect of “Boeing, Boeing” is that the entire play has just three scenes spread across the two acts, which is different from most shows which have several scenes making up just one act.

The continuous scenes allow for the play’s dialogue and storyline to really capture the audience and bring them into the events occurring on stage, which in turn adds to the overall experience.

While shows often have a character or two that really offers the comic relief needed during a play, “Boeing, Boeing” has multiple characters that provide a seemingly endless supply of funny moments and one-liners.

This comedic relief and timing were on cue from the start, and it will likely only get even better as the actors and actresses develop even more repour with each other as the play remains in the theatre and they do more shows together.

More shows can mean even more timing in the theatre world, which means the comedic flow can become even more precise and funny before the show reaches its end date on June 16.

Thad Walker played Bernard and is one of the main characters in the show. It is his seventh show at the Alhambra, as he has become a regular performer at the facility and his list of productions continues to grow.

Walker teamed up with Rodney Holmes, who plays his best friend Robert in the show, and the two combine to get themselves in some peculiar spots and the laughter comes from them trying to then come up with solutions with how to best get out of the predicaments they find themselves in.

Lisa Valdini Booth plays Bertha, who is Bernard’s maid and her appearances on stage bring about laughs every time with either her lines or at times just the facial expressions and actions she makes to what is going on.

Booth is known for her work with voice overs and narrations over the years, including being the voice of Winn-Dixie for 12 years and hosting “All in Good Taste” on HGTV and DIY Network as part of her career.

The other major female roles in the production are played by Natalie Drake (Gloria), Allyson Rosenblum (Gabriella), and Jessie Clontz (Gretchen), all of which who had performed previously at Alhambra.