Chamber president/CEO Renault presents Chamber plan during At Noon event


On Wednesday, Feb. 14, St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Isabelle Renault was featured at the organization’s monthly educational and issues focused luncheon, Chamber at Noon, at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa in Ponte Vedra.

“It is important that our members know our plans, how do we direct their investment to serve their businesses,” Renault said, “also it is important to hear their feedback as to what we can do to better help them succeed.”

Renault spoke to the Valentine’s Day audience of about 40 to present the Chamber’s 2018 & Beyond plan. Approved unanimously by the organization’s board of directors, the new plan begins with the reality that businesses are continuously evolving. Issues such as increased competition, greater expectation of value and challenging generational differences that were addressed in the Chamber’s previous plan, Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate, are still relevant today.


The Chamber’s vision for 2018 & Beyond is: 

“The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce will be a fierce advocate for members’ success. We will increase our capacity to adapt. We will impact the ever-changing business reality with proactive solutions. And, we will be a known influencer of public policy.” 

According to Renault, during the next three years and in some instances beyond even that, the Chamber will implement steps that she believes will take it to and past its tipping point to a moment when its resources are growing with its services and benefits.

She continued to state that some of the steps outlined in the 2018 & Beyond plan were already being executed.

“We have become much more active in the public policy arena and will continue to grow our influence so that we can be a more formidable advocate for our local businesses,” Renault said. “In fact, it is a good example of how we are building on the foundation that we created under the Elevate, Innovate, Accelerate three-year plan that we adopted shortly after I ascended to the post.”

Under Elevate, the Chamber created the Public Policy Council and contends that today it is one of the key elements in the organization’s ability to predict and respond to issues that might affect the business community.

Another example that especially affects Ponte Vedra is the Chamber’s changing role in the area’s tourism industry, said Renault.

“We have long been host to the Ponte Vedra Visitors Center, but as a voice of the many businesses that benefit from visitors’ spending, we felt there was an opportunity for us to make a greater impact on the industry,” said the Chamber CEO.

During the organization’s previous plan, the Chamber commissioned a study to discover the best way to impact tourism in the area and is now assuming a role as a destination architect to help steer how best to attract people to the area.

According to Renault, these are just a few of the things the organization is focused on.

To find out more about the organization or to join the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber’s Ponte Vedra Beach Division, call (904) 285-2004 or visit