Chill out: OUTLAST Cryotherapy offers cold therapy treatments at Ponte Vedra facility


While temperatures are heating up in Northeast Florida, one local business is offering customers a chance to cool down – way down, as in negative 300 degrees down.

OUTLAST Cryotherapy + Performance Training, owned and operated by husband and wife and Ponte Vedra residents Beau and Monica Dominiak, boasts Jacksonville’s first cryotherapy chamber – a nitrogen-filled compartment that flash-freezes the skin while the core body temperature remains unchanged. Each session lasts about three minutes and proponents claim that it can treat everything from arthritis and other forms of inflammation to chronic pain and migraines – even cosmetic variances such as cellulite or skin firming and rejuvenation.

But at OUTLAST, the main focus is on sports performance. The company’s cryotherapy clientele ranges from pro golfers and pro football players to St. Johns County Sherriff’s officers, celebrities and more. In terms of age, OUTLAST’s clients range from age 10 to 85.

The chamber is safe for anyone to use, Monica Dominiak said, except for pregnant women or people with pacemakers or extreme hypertension. The benefit of using cryotherapy, she said, is that it is 100 percent natural, non-invasive and able to treat people without the use of drugs.

Cryotherapy is different from ice baths traditionally used by athletes. According to Dominiak, ice baths damage tissue on a cellular level and will never get you cold enough to trigger the anti-inflammatory response that cryotherapy does.

“Everything you are seeking with the ice bath this actually accomplishes in a much shorter time period with no stress involved,” Dominiak said.

The couple first learned of cryotherapy five years ago on a trip to Canada. Beau Dominiak is a former pro soccer player who played for a team in Scotland before he suffered a career-ending knee injury. Plagued by inflammation – even after having knee surgery – Dominiak was amazed at the results he experienced after just one treatment.

“The inflammation had gone down and it looked like a normal knee,” Monica Dominiak said.

From that point on, they were hooked on cryotherapy and decided they needed to bring this type of therapy to Jacksonville.

Dominiak said the couple tried cryotherapy all over the world before opening OUTLAST and the rates were staggering. She said they try to keep their rates reasonable and competitive so that customers can justify coming more often, incorporating the treatments into their everyday lives as a body maintenance tool.

Sessions start at $50 for a single session; multi-pack sessions are also available. Sessions are scheduled by appointment only any day of the week, at any time – even outside of normal business hours. The couple said they try to remain flexible and will work with a client’s schedule. A robe, socks, shoes and gloves will be provided at the facility in order to protect the extremities.

The other facet of OUTLAST – sports performance personal training – is headed by Beau Dominiak. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, he is certified in pre- and post-rehab training and is a CrossFit level two coach. The type of training will be customized for the customer’s needs through one-on-one training with a focus on agility.

For more information, call (904) 999-8813 or visit