Cultural Center opens new art exhibitions


The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach opened two new art exhibitions on Friday, June 8 that will remain open to the public through July 7.

Eileen Corse's "Water" series is exhibited in the Front Galleries. Worked in large, bright pallette-knife strokes, these oil paintings feature underwater scenes of swimming pools and summer fun.

"We are really excited about this exhibition," said Catherine Tatem, CCPVB's arts programs & outreach manager. "It should be a great show for families and tourists to come see and a good way to get a break from the summer heat. We are even planning several projects around it for the young artists attending our summer arts camps and workshops."

The second exhibition also has a connection to arts programs at the Cultural Center. “Rooms with a View” will feature artists who have studied under local master artist Ellen Diamond at the Cultural Center.

"This should be a really interesting exhibition; the Advanced Acrylic student artists have so much talent and it will be really fun to see so many different painters interpret a single theme" said Sara Bass, CCPVB's exhibitions & communications manager.

Paintings exhibited in “Rooms with a View” will all include a window view, but styles will vary greatly as the 21 participating artists show off their individual styles and interpretations. This subject draws inspiration from traditions in art history and was used by Diamond to free the artists from an academic approach allowing them to focus on concept, composition and color.