David Bruderly (Democrat)


Democrat David Bruderly and Republican John Rutherford are vying for the 4th congressional district seat being vacated by the retiring U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshaw. The Recorder invited both candidates to submit a statement of up to 500 words outlining their background, qualification and top priorities if elected.


David Bruderly

I am the only military veteran, successful small business owner and professional engineer in this race. I have the range of experience as well as the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to implement cost-effective, practical solutions for the critical issues facing our country. As a small business owner, I understand the challenges facing small businesses and will work to reduce barriers so they can grow, prosper and continue to be the backbone of our economy. As a veteran, I know what it takes to keep our country safe, stop the threat of ISIS and other terror groups. I also understand the sacrifices made every day by our troops and their families.

For too long, congress has done too little for the people they represent. People are North Florida’s most important resource. To compete in the global economy and protect our quality of life, we must have business, security, energy, education, health, environmental and tax policies that put people first!

I served my country as an officer in the Navy, and I am ready to go to Washington to serve you. As a veteran, I will also put our active military, veterans and their families first. We must make sure all our veterans have the resources they need when they return home from active service.

Our current congressman, Ander Crenshaw, has been a strong advocate for our Navy, Marine and Air National Guard bases in Northeast Florida. As a line officer and engineer, I know how to fight for our naval bases and for our veterans.

I also understand that small business is the cornerstone of our economic growth. As your next congressman, I will improve opportunities for development and employment for our 50,000-plus small and large businesses in Northeast Florida. I will focus on reducing barriers to starting and growing these businesses, adding thousands of jobs.

Keeping America safe is also a top priority. I believe we’ve made a lot of missteps in the Middle East. ISIS is a very real threat to our country. When I’m in congress, I will support appropriating the resources needed for our troops to eliminate ISIS and come home.

Investment in 21st Century infrastructure to build the 21st Century economy needed to keep America strong and secure is my highest priority. I will be a powerful advocate for energy independence and local, sustainable manufacturing. Transitioning to more sustainable energy, water and food infrastructure is critical to our economic prosperity.

Our community has a strong connection with the St. Johns River and its tributaries. Our water is part of our identity as a region and a huge economic engine for our city. We have an obligation to our kids and grandkids to keep our river and waterways clean. We must put policies in place to preserve this essential natural resource.

I’m Dave Bruderly, and I ask for your vote on Nov. 8 so I can fight for your family, our naval bases, veterans and small businesses – and always put people first!