DeSantis moves to Flagler County


U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis has moved to Flagler County, relocating to a home within the newly drawn boundaries of the 6th Congressional District.

According to voter registration records, DeSantis – who is seeking re-election as the 6th District’s U.S. representative – now lives in an oceanfront condominium in Palm Coast.

Previously, DeSantis lived in Ponte Vedra Beach; congressional redistricting, however, placed DeSantis’s Ponte Vedra home within the boundaries of the redrawn 4th Congressional District.

DeSantis had been seeking election to the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by current Sen. Marco Rubio. When Rubio decided to re-enter the senate race following his unsuccessful presidential bid, DeSantis announced his intention to seek re-election to his 6th congressional seat. That decision prompted criticism from some of DeSantis’s opponents, including candidate Fred Costello, who questioned why the congressman was running in the 6th district and not the 4th.

While congressmen are not required by federal law to live in the district they represent, DeSantis’s move to Palm Coast ensures he is a resident of the 6th District.