Dick Williams pledges not to use ‘dark money’ political committees in commission race


Dick Williams, a longtime St. Johns County resident and candidate for the St. Johns County Commission District 4 seat, has pledged not to use “dark money” political committees to conduct campaign activities on his behalf.

“‘Dark money’ has made its way into politics, and the way it is used is one of the main reasons why voters have such a low opinion of public service and politics,” Williams said. “There is no place for ‘dark money’ in St. Johns County local campaigns, and I pledge never to use political committees to fund my campaign activities.”       

"Dark money" refers to political spending used to influence elections, where the source of the money is not disclosed, and it is usually spent by a political committee or a super political action committee. Williams is asking his fellow candidates to also make a stand against “dark money.”            

“I hope my fellow candidates will follow my lead, and we together can tell all St. Johns County voters that we share their values and will not follow the example set by career politicians, special interest lobbyists and lawyers that have corrupted our political system," Williams added.

A Republican candidate for the St Johns County Commission District 4, Williams is committed to promoting policies that maintain quality of life, protect tax dollars and grow the economy. He is the only candidate in the race that has been endorsed by St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar. For more information, visit http://Williams4Commission.com/.