First Coast organization offers array of services to address mental health issues


Although some of the negative stigma surrounding mental health has diminished over the past few years, many people are still reluctant to seek help, unsure of where and how to start the process of connecting with mental health services. Local organization Dupont Counseling Group, however, is aiming to solve that issue for the First Coast.

“Whether it’s marital counseling, strategies to deal with depression and anxiety, or assistance in coping with grief or illness, we do everything we can to help,” said Yougeeta Singh, clinical director of Dupont Counseling Group, a division of Jewish Family & Community Services that provides counseling services to First Coast families of all races, religions and backgrounds.

The group has offered its wide breadth of services to the community for years, but because people tend not to discuss counseling and mental health, many people don’t know about their services, Singh said. The organization’s counselors include clinical social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists with more than 75 years of combined experience.

Perhaps the most unique offering at Dupont Counseling Group is its in-home counseling program, which allows the public to take advantage of mental health services without leaving their doorstep.

“We’re hoping this will help increase access to our programs, particularly for the elderly and for those living at the beach who don’t like to ‘cross the ditch,’” said Singh.

In-home therapy can also be especially effective for families seeking counseling for parenting or child behavioral issues. Families often find it easier to implement solutions when those strategies are learned at home where counselors can demonstrate and observe. For those who prefer a more traditional setting for treatment, Dupont Counseling Group recently moved to a new facility at 8540 Baycenter Road in Jacksonville.

Dupont Counseling’s fees are competitively priced. As a nonprofit organization, Dupont Counseling Group is also able to offer some financial flexibility for those who need it.  

“If someone is struggling financially but still needs help, we offer a sliding scale for payment,” Singh said.

As awareness increases and stigma diminishes, the First Coast will likely continue to see an uptick in patients seeking mental health solutions.

“We’re on the right track toward making the public recognize the general importance of mental health,” Singh said. “Now, we’re striving for awareness regarding access to care. We want people to know they have places to go where they can solve these issues long-term.”

For more information on Dupont Counseling Group, go to the services tab at or call (904) 394-5706.