Growth in Palm Valley

The importance of community involvement in future land development


How many times have you been driving down the road and laid eyes on those little read and blue county signs out in front of an undeveloped parcel of land?

Most of us pay little or no attention.

Even if you do stop to read it, they do not provide much information. They are there to let you know that change and growth are coming. The county has a protocol for informing us of the change. It involves announcements in the local papers and holding public zoning board meetings. Unfortunately, most meetings are scheduled during working hours. Therefore, it is important to investigate and get educated on the proposed project.

That is what is happening now in my local Palm Valley Community. This particular project has the chance of changing our landscape forever — and not for the better.

That is where our small community centers and organizations come into play. They help to inform and organize the citizenry. You should seek them out, get involved and affect change.

If not, you too could have a cruise ship-sized development in your neighborhood.

—Victoria Corlazzoli

Palm Valley Resident