Hawkers Asian Street Fare unveils new seasonal menu


The sizzle of summer isn’t only in the air. Hawkers Asian Street Fare – an Orlando-based restaurant chain known locally for its communal-style dining experience – has rolled out a new seasonal menu with an authentically ethnic, spicy flair.

Rolling out at all four of the restaurant’s locations, Hawkers’ seasonal menu follows a decidedly summery theme, from its seafood highlights to the incorporation of various spices and citrus flavors. With a backdrop of sun and surf, the restaurant’s Neptune Beach location provides the perfect setting to enjoy these seasonal updates.

When dining at Hawkers, it is important to consider that each dish will be shared with the whole table. The new Roti Canai, which pairs soft, chewy Malaysian flatbread with Hawkers’ signature spicy curry sauce, stands out as an easy-to-share option for larger parties.

A national dish of Singapore, Hawkers’ new Singapore “Chilli” Crab features a breaded soft-shelled crab covered in a house-made chili garlic sauce. Served with a pillow-soft, fried bao bun, this dish is perfect for those seeking to taste and feel the summer heat.

On the other hand, the flavorful Tiger Salad is a must-try for those looking to cool things down. With fresh cilantro, poached octopus, carrots, celery, cucumber and green onions tossed in a rice wine vinaigrette, this refreshingly crisp dish will be a fast favorite.

Other menu highlights include the #DimSumCrunchyBalls, which are hush puppy-like balls of shrimp and pork encased in a crispy spring roll batter and paired with a chili dipping sauce, and the Crispy Chicken Skin Skewers, which include three chicken kebabs char-grilled to perfection and sprinkled with lime juice.

For dessert, patrons can also try The Mochi Trio, which comes with three small, dumpling-shaped balls of soft, chewy rice cake filled with ice cream in flavors of green tea, lychee colada and Thai tea and topped with whipped cream.

Hawkers clientele will have the opportunity to try these new menu options now through next spring, when they will be replaced by an updated selection. For more information about Hawkers Asian Street Fare, visit http://www.eathawkers.com/.