Inaugural Lightner Local exhibition presents Antwan Ramar: Contemporary Impressions


The inaugural Lightner Local exhibition presents Antwan Ramar: Contemporary Impressions. In his work, Ramar brings a contemporary vision to landscape painting while embracing historic traditions and techniques. Presenting his plein air studies alongside larger studio works, Ramar’s exhibition at the Lightner explores his process of art making from field study to final painting.

 Antwan Ramar: Contemporary Impressions will be on display from April 2 to May 23 in the Lightner Museum’s East Room Gallery above the historic swimming pool. The exhibition will open on Friday, April 2 during St. Augustine’s First Friday Art Walk from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Guests should enter through the Granada Street door of the Café Alcazar. Masks are required.

 Originally from rural Wisconsin, Ramar has always been inspired by nature’s beauty. Ramar studied art in Southern California, in some of the finest ateliers under teachers with extensive experience in their fields. In that time, his curricular focus was on conceptual art. Learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting gave him the tools to take his art in any direction. Today, Ramar is a full-time painter, splitting his time between painting in his studio, teaching classes and participating in plein air events around the country. He loves to travel and paint but spends most of his time in sunny Orlando.

“My paintings tell stories through the ephemeral mood of natural light. I look for the subtle poetry of each subject, trying to paint the “adjective” and not the “noun” of the scene,” Ramar said.

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