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Jacksonville Beach gains a 24-hour veterinary clinic


Emergency and Critical Care Pet Hospital (ECCPH) has been known as the go-to place for pet emergencies and after-hour care at the beach for 25 years. During any normal week, ECCPH opened its doors in the evening as other veterinary clinics were closing, and remained open, treating animals throughout the night. Any pet that came in for care would need to be transferred by 8 a.m. — either back home or to their regular veterinarian — without exception.

In May of this year, owner and medical director, Cameron Jones, DVM, decided it was time to make some big changes in order to better serve patients, while trying to allieviate some of the inconvenience of having an emergency for pet parents. “We found that it was often difficult for clients to pick up their pets before work or school and then transport them to another facility, and that pets would be better off with consistent care. We wanted to do more to help.”

Jones added an integrative day practice and boarding facilities to the emergency hospital, and changed the name to BlueSky Veterinary Center. “We now have a veterinarian on staff 24/7. BlueSky is the only veterinary center at the beach that never closes. Sick or injured pets no longer need to be moved if it is inconvenient for the owner or dangerous for the pet.”

Having staff around the clock also allows BlueSky the ability to offer medical and stress-free boarding, which is great for older dogs and cats, those who stress easily, and those pets who need insulin or medical attention, but not necessarily hospitalization. “The client response has been very enthusiastic, as pet parents gain peace of mind knowing there is someone with their pet at all times,” says Jones.

The BlueSky wellness clinic has unique offerings as well, with an integrated Eastern and Western medical approach. Acupunture, laser therapy, food therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, titering and aromatherapy are available in conjunction with conventional wellness programs, such as vaccinations, dentals, spay/neuter and heartworm prevention.

BlueSky is accepting wellness clients by appointment Monday through Saturday, and emergency walk-ins around the clock, including holidays. Drop-off conventional wellness appointments can also be made 24/7.

BlueSky is located at 14185 Beach Boulevard between San Pablo and Hodges. Appointments and boarding reservations can be made by calling 904.223.8000.

For more information please contact: Amy Olivieri Marketing Coordinator 904/223/0881