Jacksonville Country Day School students demonstrate environmental leadership for Earth Day


In honor of Earth Day, six sixth-grade students from Jacksonville Country Day School (JCDS) recently set up lemonade stands in their neighborhoods to raise funds for environmental sustainability programs at their school. 

Two of the students — Ellie Goodfriend and Gray Young — live in Ponte Vedra Beach. Ashton Aschi, Nina Lueck, Izzy Davis and Lilly Lenger were also part of the group. The students raised $502 for JCDS.

“They not only had a good idea for raising funds, which they coordinated and followed through to fruition, but they were articulate and responsive in their presentation to support Earth Day,” said Pat Walker, head of school. “They are a great example of leadership for our younger students.”

The students are in the process of deciding the best use of the funds they collected, such as recycling bins for classrooms, reusable trays/plates for the lunchroom or a water station to fill bottles. The students were asked to prioritize their ideas prior to meeting again.

“They were attentive, interested and responsive,” added Walker. “We were all impressed with their excitement, maturity, and determination. Their efforts will make JCDS an even more environmentally friendly place.”