Jenna Alexander to debut ‘Modern Summer’ collection


The days are just starting to get longer and warmer, but local artist Jenna Alexander has been cultivating a summer vibe all winter. She is set to debut her newest collection, “Modern Summer,” at her studio located at 73 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine.

“In college, I was enamored with the work of Wayne Thiebaud,” Alexander said. “The way he took commonplace objects and transcended them to a new level through negative space, heavy pigment and bright colors — it just spoke to me. I wanted to take the emotion I got from his art and imbue it into mid-century coastal scenes that evoke the feel of ‘The Endless Summer’ — one of my favorite surf documentaries.”

Alexander’s newest series consists of 25 original, large-scale pieces that feature figurative studies and fruit still-lifes with pops of color and saturated hues.

One canvas boasts a juicy slice of melon, the next a serene cloudscape, while another captures an intimate and relaxing moment of a woman enjoying a drink. The colorful scenes are artfully balanced with purposeful swaths of neutral space. To create a lived-in feel, the artist worked with local stylist Tara Ferreira to create curated mid-century outfits, that were then modeled and photographed for reference.

“This collection is inspired by all the little moments that seem mundane,” said Alexander. “Slicing a lemon for the first summer lemonade stand, or friends hauling their boards to the beach for a morning surf session. These works celebrate the beauty of everyday life.”

Jenna Alexander Studios is hosting an opening from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 3, to celebrate the release of “Modern Summer.” In addition to the original works, fine art prints will be available, ranging in sizes from 8-by-10 inches up to 48-by-72 inches. Neighboring business and local eatery Sunday Gathering Table will provide complimentary charcuterie; beer and wine will be available for purchase. Live music will be provided by The Dewars.

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