Kathy's Gardening Guide: Planters



Container gardening is growing plants in containers instead of in the ground. These planters can contain a mixture of annuals, perennials, herbs, citrus, tropicals and more.

They have much versatility as you can choose any type of planter and location. The most popular areas to have container planters are by the front door, in garden beds, on back patios and near pools. You can get creative with unique planters, such as planting in old bird baths, wood crates, pallet gardens boxes, etc.

Once you decide on a planter area, determine the sun exposure in this location to be able to choose appropriate plants:

■ You want to have a variety of heights and colors to catch the eye.

■ Use rich potting soil for the success of your flowers.

■ Pebbles on the bottom of the pot create good and easy drainage,

■ Start with the largest or tallest plant in the center to the back of the pot. Then, continue with a burst of color filling around the middle.

■ Lastly, add cascading flowers or succulents to create an “overflow” look to finish your beautiful planter.

Flower of the Week: Supertunia

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