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"We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us." - Jenny Uglow

Over the last few weeks, we have been highlighting some of the most popular landscaping genres that I see here in Northeast Florida. Many homeowners choose to stay within one type of landscaping design to create the beautiful ambience they are picturing. In the next month, you will learn what plants, palms, and flowers are used to create a Tropical landscape, Mediterranean landscape, Traditional landscape, and Coastal Landscape.


What do you think of when someone says Mediterranean landscaping? We think a mixture of Traditional and Tropical. This look typically has a mix of palm trees with a neat structure of plants around. The style is more-boxy, with a sculpted, maintained look. A neat aspect of Mediterranean landscaping is creating “gardens within gardens.” Using water features and trellis’, you can create small secret gardens with pathways throughout the landscaping. We also use climbing plants, such as creeping fig, along trellis’ or on the side of the house to create this lavish landscaping.

When creating a Mediterranean landscape, we can use a mixture of the following: Palms: Canary Date Palms, Medjool Date Palms, and Sylvester Palms Plants and Flowers: Boxwood, podocarpus, Asiatic Jasmine, Roses Bushes and Trees, Creeping FIg, Crotons and more.

With all landscapes, the key to success is knowing the sun/shade ratios in your yards as well as what each plant requires and planting accordingly. Annuals are always welcome in any landscape to add seasonal color to your gorgeous design. Happy Planting!

Flower of the Week: Croton (Picture attached)

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