Kitchen design trends for your new home or remodel


Special to the Recorder

If you’re excited about the hottest kitchen design trends for 2016, we’re right there with you. If you’re building a new home, or considering a remodel, you’ll want to know what your options are, so you can ensure that you’ll make the right choices. So, what might the ultimate 2016 kitchen look like? Here are five trends that we predict will lead the pack.

Colored stainless steel appliances: No longer viewed as the neutral of the kitchen, colored appliances are making a comeback. You can really make a statement with a pop of color by throwing in a colorful range. Don’t think avocado green and harvest gold of the 70s. Picture a royal blue, canary yellow, or black with gold. These vivid hues will inject a jolt of color into the expected grey stainless steel of yesterday’s kitchen.

Workhorse islands: Kitchen islands have quickly morphed into additional workspace. Busy families are considering options such as deep storage, prep sinks, room for seating to chat, a cooktop within easy reach and enough space to handle a lot of different tasks. Workhorse islands are becoming the central feature in modern kitchens because consumers want islands that are useful and durable, all while looking sleek, stylish and organized.

Kitchens showcasing open shelving: Kitchens with open shelving make a pretty picture and dominate pop-ups on your Pinterest page. They look trendy and modern, but are they practical? We think so! With functional storage options, easy visibility and ease of reach, open shelves offer a practical cabinet-free option. And even better, you can show off those pretty treasures that have been hiding behind closed doors.

Surprising backsplash and countertop pairings: Why play it safe with subway tiles and granite countertops when there are so many different combinations of materials from which to choose? Try mixing it up by letting a graphic tile command your attention as a backsplash over a concrete countertop that stays on the quiet side, or go modern with a porcelain slab backsplash paired with a fluid quartz countertop. The possibilities are endless, with so many materials to choose from in today’s modern kitchen.

Punched-up white kitchens: The trend for years to come is white, white and white. Kitchen walls, cabinets and even countertops are all getting a white makeover. But to avoid that sterile feel, homeowners will have to punch up all that white space with smart, colorful details throughout. Try painting a kitchen island in a bright color to jazz up white cupboards. Consider a colorful subway tile as a backsplash over a marble countertop. Or bring in your color with the use of bold accents and accessories.

Donna Mancini is an interior designer with Donna Mancini Interiors & Flooring located in The Shoppes of St. Johns Oaks in Ponte Vedra.