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Know your options for pet cremation


As difficult as it is to acknowledge our pet’s mortality, it can be beneficial to understand the services that are available, when that sad and stressful time arrives.

Cremation is a clean, dignified alternative to burial, using extreme heat. It allows you to keep your pet’s ashes, should you relocate your residence or just want to have them kept with you when you pass.

A private cremation, also called a “special” cremation, is when only one pet is cremated at a time. We spend some of the fondest and most memorable moments of our lives with our companions, and deciding on a private cremation is a final choice in their care. It is the last thing you will do for your pet.

A local facility can allow you to be present during the process, ensuring that you have the comfort knowing that you can take your friend’s ashes back home immediately.

You may have several options in your local area, and veterinarians typically use a service of their choice. However, you personally, make the final decision on your pet’s care, and should choose one that you feel meets your needs.

Ask questions. Some facilities perform “communal” cremations as well as private ones, and may take up to several weeks to return ashes.

Being prepared for a loved one’s passing can relieve some of the stress and help to make informed decisions.

Enjoying every moment of your pet’s life, but being knowledgeable of your final alternatives, can bring you peace of mind.