Letter to editor


People are asking me can they vote in the primary election for the commissioners if they are not Republicans.

Yes, if there is no one else running except Republicans. That is true only in the District 1 election.

So be alert, Independents and Democrats. This will be the first time in ages that you can vote for a commissioner of your choice. It’s a shame considering the huge growth in St. Johns County and the lack of sufficient money to meet the needs of the county.

We need commissioners who are not afraid to control growth and only allow that which is approved in the comprehensive plan and can pay for itself. We need commissioners who are not afraid to find the money to maintain our infrastructure, our libraries, our beaches, our fire service and police.

In District 1, we have a commissioner, Mr. Johns, who will not control growth. Nor will he provide the funds to maintain our county infrastructure. Nor allow us a vote, to find the money, to do it ourselves.

So you better vote for one who will. Mr. Al Abbatiello says he will.

Mary Kohnke

Ponte Vedra Beach