Letter to the Editor


The Primary election this year will be on Tuesday, August 30, and there are three County Commission seats up for grabs. For the last few years, we have been assaulted by developer attempts to subvert our local zoning and land-use regulations in order to increase the allowable densities, and many of them have been successful. And this, when A1A and Palm Valley Road at times are so jammed that they resemble parking lots.

We are fortunate to have very qualified Republican candidates in each of the three election districts that will strive to both honor our codes and maintain our environmental quality of life.

In District 1, Al Abbatiello is a long-time civic activist who has been the leader in maintaining the William Bartram Trail as a Scenic and Historic Highway. And a few years back due to his communications expertise, he was able to help the Sheriff’s Office and Fire Services to win approval to bring their communications up to date with a satellite system.

In District 3, Jerry Cameron as our assistant county administrator for the past nine years has not only been a friend of ours here in PVB, but also knows our county government inside and out. Before that, among other responsible positions, he was Fernandina Beach city manager.

In District 5, Henry Dean for much of his career has held important Florida state positions, including 17 years as the executive director of the St. Johns River Water Management District. During this tenure, additional lands were set aside for both the Guana River Preserve and the Julington-Durbin Preserve, which placed him in constant contact with our own county personnel.

Please keep in mind that for the past 18 years, the winners of the Republican County Commissioner primary election have also won election in November, so this primary is important. lso, early voting at the PVB Library is from Aug. 20 to the 27. Please vote.

Dan MacDonald

Ponte Vedra Beach