Letter to the Editor


I am asked “Who should I vote for, Mary? Can you tell me? I don’t know these people.”

This is especially true of the constitutional officers and judges etc.

I generally have to say, “I’m not sure, I just read about them.” But this time we have the Clerk of Courts position open. I asked a lot of people, many in St. Augustine where the clerk’s office is located, and where people know them and have worked for them. It came down to this for me.

This is a position that requires a background in both accounting and law. In this day and age, experience alone does not cut it any more. In examining the credentials of both men, I have to come down on the side of Mr. Hunter Conrad. He has both a law degree and a degree in accounting. Great combination. I also heard both of them speak at a candidate debate here in Ponte Vedra, and I have spoken to them both.

Further, I have heard Hunter has won the respect of the lawyers, and many of the other constitutional officers who have worked with him. Hunter gets my vote.

The other position I do feel much more qualified to speak to is the County Commission seat in District 1. I cannot support Commissioner Johns. He has not only voted for the developers on every issue – increasing density, adding new developments, not demanding they pay their way – but worse, he refused to allow the citizens a vote in finding money to pay for our infrastructure, libraries, beach parking needs and on and on.

Keep that up and we will look just like Jacksonville. 

So Yes on Hunter Conrad for his credentials and Al Abbatiello for his hard work and service to the county, to save what is left of the county and our quality of life.

Mary F. Kohnke   

Past County Commissioner

Ponte Vedra Beach