Letter to the editor


Dave Bruderly is by far the best choice for U.S. Congressional District #4. Dave is a Vietnam era veteran, professional environmental engineer, successful small business owner and a green energy entrepreneur.

Dave is committed to strengthening our public educational system, insuring affordable health care including prescriptions and mental health care, safeguarding Social Security and veterans’ benefits and maintaining and increasing the military presence in Northeast Florida. Dave’s background in environmental engineering provides expertise in fostering clean energy independence and expanding ecologically friendly tourism in NE Florida.

Dave’s education, military and business experience, commitment to the environment and his pledge to “Put People First” make him an excellent choice for U.S. Congress in Florida District #4.

Dave’s major opponent in this race is John Rutherford, former sheriff in Duval County. John has name recognition but is not a military veteran, has never faced the challenges of operating a small business and has existed within the narrow confines of Duval County civil service for more than 30 years. John is still supporting and endorsing Donald Trump despite the abandonment of many influential Republican leaders and recently when pressured he was still wearing his police hat and characterized Black Lives Matter as a hate group.

John Rutherford has refused to debate the other candidates for this congressional seat despite numerous invitations from media and civic groups. His reluctance to debate could be attributed to his lack of in-depth knowledge of critical issues and lack of experience outside of the law enforcement arena and does not want these deficiencies to be highlighted on a major stage. The best way for John Rutherford to demonstrate his knowledge and experience level is to fully participate in the debate forum.

The future of Northeast Florida is far too critical and should be entrusted to the best candidate for U.S. Congressional District #4, Dave Bruderly.

Edward F. Warren