Letter to the editor


This unusual election has overshadowed the real issues facing us. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, our country will be destroyed by more of her corruption.

 On the internet there are 11,500,000 results on the topic “Clinton Scandals.” There are 67,100,000 results for “The Clinton’s History of Corruption.” There are 2,580,000 results for the “Clinton Foundation Fraud.”  Here are only a few of them: Improper campaign donations in Arkansas election, Clintons obtaining tax records of political rivals, the many sex scandals about Bill and Hillary trashing the victims, Clinton Global Initiative making financial gains in Haiti 2010 relief efforts, Benghazi attack, Hillary’s personal email server for State Department business, and the pay-for-play with donors to the Clinton Foundation.

 Do you want a repeat of the Clinton’s shady, corrupt and scandalous activities to continue in our White House? With a Republican president and Republican congress, Obamacare will be replaced, our borders closed to illegals, taxes lowered, and conservative Supreme Court justices appointed. There will be change from the failed policies of Obama.

You have a choice: Vote for Hillary and continue with big corrupt government controlling everything OR vote for Trump and have our country’s government reduced and the power given back to the PEOPLE.

Paula Ellis