Letter to the editor


This senseless shooting that recently occurred is South Florida was such a horrific tragedy. Why did God permit this? Does he just decide to let us stumble along and never do a thing to help?  We miss the point!  God set all this up for us and made it so it can work. Only the deal is, we have to work at it and should not look to him to do it for us. Free will is a gift.  Choosing God’s will is a choice. In our relativistic culture, we have chosen poorly and these are the consequences. The solution is not stricter laws. An inner conversion of heart is necessary.

We cannot continue to erase the child in the womb and then quickly focus our attention on other issues such as gun control, national security and world peace. We then sit back in our chair and kid ourselves that we are following the wishes of the Divine Creator. The pre-born child is just as precious and innocent as those unfortunate young people recently murdered.

A famous scholar taught: sin darkens the intellect and impedes understanding. This is because the more one sins, the more that person has to justify his sin in his mind, rationalizing the guilt away. In the end, he has convinced himself so thoroughly that he is doing no wrong, that he can no longer discern true good from evil. 

Peter D. Kuhlman

Ponte Vedra Beach