Lisa Kelly Voice Academy to open in PV

Singing academy will offer instruction for singers ages 6 and up


The Lisa Kelly Voice Academy, a singing academy owned and operated by Irish singing sensation and former Celtic Woman, Lisa Kelly, will open its second location in Ponte Vedra on Feb. 1, 2016. The Academy, located at 880 AIA North, Suite 24, is now accepting students at

 The Lisa Kelly Voice Academy opened in Peachtree City, Ga., in January 2013. According to Lisa, who co-owns the academy with her husband and former Celtic Woman CEO Scott Porter, Ponte Vedra Beach was a natural choice for their second location.

“We had spent a lot of time in Jacksonville and we knew there was a huge base there for Irish music and Irish culture,” Kelly said. “It’s always been a wonderful place for us, show-wise.”

Kelly said that although she found students traveling from all over the U.S. to attend classes in Peachtree City, she was surprised by the amount of students from the First Coast.

“We started to get phone calls from Jacksonville. A few students were traveling every weekend, and I couldn’t believe that,” Kelly said. “It’s a five-hour drive, and most students come in on a Saturday and go home the same day. Any time we did master classes or summer camps, there was a huge influx of students from the Jacksonville area.”

Kelly said that after she and her husband visited the area several times, they felt that it would be a good fit for the next branch of the academy.

“It’s clear that this region is extremely passionate about supporting the arts and fostering quality education programs,” she said. “We look forward to joining the cultural community.”

Kelly and Porter both spent years in the spotlight as touring members of Riverdance and the multi-platinum singing group Celtic Woman. Through their experiences, they learned to value technique, skill, hard work and discipline above raw talent; those principles guide the student experience at The Lisa Kelly Voice Academy.

“Lisa and I feel very strongly that a public performance should never be the sole purpose of any artistic study,” said Porter. “Our academy’s purpose is to help each student find his or her voice, build confidence and develop skills that will last a lifetime both on and off stage.”

Children as young as 6 years old and adults of all ages are welcomed. Semesters will be offered each spring and fall, with students required to attend one class per week. Tuition costs $30 or $40 per student, per class, based on class size. During the summer, one-week camps and weekend-long master classes will also be available.

While students will learn the art of vocal expression, Lisa Kelly is careful to note that her academy is not structured like a typical choral training program; instead, it is based on the training and techniques that bolstered her exceptional career.

“Our stage-based performance technique is based on what has worked for me, and what has worked for our students,” said Kelly. “Students of all skill levels have seen tremendous growth in their confidence and technique as a result of our methods of teaching performance art in a non-competitive environment.”

Kelly emphasizes that for classes of any age and experience level, she strives to keep the environment from feeling intimidating.

“I don’t expect people to sight read music or be superstars or have loads of prior experience singing,” Kelly said. “It really is about building on what you have in the moment and making it better.”

For experienced singers, it’s about finding new input on their craft.

“Music and singing is so subjective, so the more they can expose themselves to other vocal coaches the better singers they will be.”

For newcomers, Kelly said the focus is first on gaining confidence.

“If you can stand up and sing in front of people, you can really do anything,” Kelly said. “It’s probably the most nerve-wracking thing anyone can do.”

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