Local company handles housewarming for new residents


A Warm Welcome

New house – check. Moving boxes? Check! Move date: check….

Hiring “A Warm Welcome” to set up the new house: check!

A Warm Welcome is a company that is filling the only missing piece in your move. They will have your new house stocked with all the necessities needed to make those first few days stress free. Toilet paper, coffee, milk, bread, sponges and more will be brought to the house. The cable will be ready, and you can even see your house being built. And you can do it all with just a click of a button from your old home. Ordered right from the website: www.awarmwelcome.info. There is a page with all the essentials we could think of so you don’t have to – even a space to add your personal needs such as shower curtains or pillows.

The idea for A Warm Welcome arose from our recent move into the Ponte Vedra community. Making the move from New York to Florida was hard on my family, specifically my mother, who had to take my three siblings and me over 1,000 miles by herself. She was scatterbrained and rushed, having decided only months earlier that we were going to move.

She and I had packed the house the week before we left and we were on our way. As it is with every project, though, we were forgetting something. The house would be empty. This only started to dawn on us after our flight touched down in Florida. Within our first hour of being here, there was a mad dash through Walmart to get all the essentials: soap, breakfast, house cleaner, etc. My entire family was physically drained from a full day of packing and travelling, and mentally after leaving their home behind. I wouldn’t mind missing the hour-long car ride spent contorting my body like a human pretzel trying to fit luggage, house necessities and other people into our tiny rent-a-car.

That’s what A Warm Welcome is here for. Our family will help your family become easily situated into your new home. We’ll wait for the cable guy, stock the house and even take photos as your house is being built. We’re here to do whatever it takes to make sure you come home to A Warm Welcome.