Local eatery switches to biodegradable packaging

By Daniela Toporek


In an effort to go green and uphold the “Trasca way” of great service, the local eatery is undergoing a series of changes to provide a cleaner, more ecofriendly experience. 

“There’s a lot of things we’ve changed,” said Karina Coryell, co-owner of Trasca & Co. Eatery. “We’ve taken Styrofoam out of the business and we’re slowly deleting the everyday use of plastics.” 

Coryell said Trasca is no longer using plastic straws but will offer paper straws to those who ask. The eatery implemented strawless to-go lids for beverages using recyclable plastic.

Aluminum foil is replacing to-go boxes and they’re using paper containers for hot to-go soups. 

The most intriguing change is the addition of biodegradable to-go containers supplied by Tellus Products LLC., located just outside Belle Glade, Florida, in partnership with Florida Crystals Corporation and Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida. The disposable tableware is made from renewable sugarcane fiber grown and harvested in South Florida. 

“After they milk the sugarcane, they use the pulp and make a biodegradable product so they're not wasting anything,” Coryell said. 

Trasca & Co. may not be 100% green and biodegradable yet, but with its efforts to help keep both its menu and beaches clean, it sure is on its way.