Local health and wellness business to hold ‘Soothe Your Soul’ workshop post-Hurricane Irma


Soul Life, a Ponte Vedra Beach-based health and wellness business, is hosting an all-day workshop Sept. 26 entitled “Soothe Your Soul” that will enable attendees to learn more about the concept of “Human Design,” new stress intervention technologies and dreams and premonitions.

Soul Life Founder Dr. Chez Leeby said the event will provide attendees with tools and knowledge to help them persevere through the recent adversity of Hurricane Irma.

“I feel like these are tools that…will be of added value and help them in recovering from any type of stress, trauma and any difficulties they’ve been through,” she said. “There will opportunities for sharing, opportunities for learning and opportunities for healing.”

Los Angeles-based hypnotherapist, dream therapist and author Kelly Sullivan Walden is flying into Ponte Vedra for the event to facilitate a few of the sessions. She has appeared on numerous national radio and TV shows, including “Coast to Coast AM,” “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Ricki Lake” and “The Real,” to analyze dreams and explain how people can benefit from listening to their inner wisdom.

Sullivan Walden’s first session will focus on “Human Design,” which she said is similar to an astrology reading or Myers-Briggs indicator that allows people to better understand how they’re wired.

“It’s kind of like a personal owner’s manual so that you can make choices and live a life that is in sync with your nature,” said Sullivan Walden.

Sullivan Walden will explore how understanding the conscious and unconscious genetic maps assist in navigating a purposeful life.

Later in the day, Sullivan Walden will facilitate an additional workshop on dreams in which she will discuss the main elements of dream work, which include declaration, remembrance, embodiment, activation and mastermind.

At the end of the day, the dream therapist will conduct a book signing for her newest compilation, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & the Unexplainable,” which will be released Sept. 26. Co-authored by Sullivan Walden, the book includes a handful of stories on navigating life with direction from dreams, finding love and a soul mate and facing fears and overcoming them through dream experiences.

Leeby explained that in addition to Sullivan Walden’s contributions to the workshop, the day will also feature a discussion on natural stress intervention strategies led by Greg Culver, who is a worldwide speaker and expert in the fields of parasympathetic dominance and holistic healing technologies such as NuCalm.

“He is joining us to share some natural stress intervention technologies,” said Leeby. “Greg will be perfect for this situation that we’ve all been through…the Irma aftermath. He will share new and innovative modalities that help with stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.”    

Leeby added that the workshop will also include yoga, guided mediation, lunch and a presentation about Soul Life, which she described as a “mobile wellness” business that visits its clients and enables them to create their own wellness workshops.

“We’ll bring in meditation, we’ll bring in yoga, the psychotherapy that I do,” she explained. “We’ll bring in all kinds of different modalities so that people can not just read about them or hear about them but actually experience them and try on different things.”

Open to men and women of all ages, the Sept. 26 workshop will be held from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with tickets costing $125. The location of the event in Ponte Vedra will be determined by the number of registered participants. Tickets for the workshop are available through Eventbrite at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soul-life-presents-shake-up-your-soul-workshop-with-kelly-sullivan-walden-tickets-37358481223.

As part of the event, Leeby said Soul Life will be holding a canned food drive for Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM) and a drive for the Bahamas through local nonprofit Adventures in God’s Creation. Attendees of the workshop are encouraged to bring canned foods and bottled water for relief efforts.