Local matchmaker launches ‘Love Starts with You’ tour in Jacksonville


A local professional matchmaker and relationship coach is taking her skills on the road, launching the “Love Starts With You” tour this weekend in Jacksonville.

Renee Richel Steilberg will kick off the tour Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Jacksonville. According to Steilberg, the daylong event will feature dating and relationship coaching and interpersonal skills for single, divorced and married individuals and couples. In addition to learning how to better approach their love interest, attendees will gain an understanding of why a mate becomes distant, how to heal a broken heart and more. Men and women attendees will experience individual and group activities.

The session also includes tips on how to approach a potential partner and get to the first date, dating skills, dating success, sending the right text messages to keep the interest, and what to send back, when it’s time to move on, personal style makeovers, and meeting the right person.

Topics will cover healing the past, new relationship skills, the power of meditation, work life balance, dating techniques, style, appearance, personality types and intimacy techniques, and breaking down barriers to include covenants vs. contracts. Additionally, key issues will be discussed such as communication techniques, the five-hour and 72-hour rule, money personality, what men and women want, strengths and weaknesses, communication, couch talk, plus the “breaking down the wall” experience when attendees can formally meet each other upon conclusion of the tour program.“We believe that happiness begins with the individual,” said Steilberg, whose upscale matchmaking business is based in Riverside. “Our mission is to guide clients through a positive and well-defined journey to find happiness in life and love.”

Often when individuals try to orchestrate their own dating activities, Steilberg said, people can “get in their own way,” with heartbreaking results.

“We’re here to help guide people through a more positive experience,” she said.

In her practice work and during the February event, Steilberg includes leaders and presenters in licensed psychology, energy and body work therapy, makeover specialists, photographers, and more. During 2017, tour plans include additional dates and locations in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Atlanta.

Tickets for the one-day event are $100 per person. Event registration will begin at 8 a.m. Feb. 4, with the event occurring from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To purchase tickets for more information, call (904) 437-7345 or visit www.reneerichel.com or www.steilbergandcompany.com.