Local plastic surgery business offers new procedure to lift sagging skin on face and neck


Dr. Roberto Garcia of Contoura Facial Plastic Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach is now offering a new procedure called Contoura LIFT ®, which is a minimally invasive practice performed to elevate the cheeks and give the lower face a more youthful appearance.

"The beauty of this procedure is that, in the office, we are able to make a profound difference along the jawline and tightening of the neck,” said Garcia. “It is wonderful to be able to offer patients another great option to their facial concerns.”

Contoura LIFT ® is performed in less than an hour, according to Garcia’s team. The procedure is performed in the office, located at 190 Florida A1A North, Suite 1, under local anesthesia.

Where classically the recovery for this type of procedure is six to eight weeks, the local plastic surgery business said Contoura LIFT ® offers patients a quick recovery and results that can be seen right after surgery. The business added that most patients can resume normal activities at two days and can resume social activities within two weeks. Every patient heals differently but most patients look great within seven to 10 days, said Garcia’s office.

“The ability to treat the early signs of aging in the mid-face using the Contoura LIFT ® provides my patients long lasting results,” said Garcia. “In fact, patients will always look eight to 10 years younger than had they not had the procedure performed. The results are very natural in that patients will simply look more refreshed and reinvigorated.”

Garcia has performed over 11,000 surgeries of the aging face, published nine scientific articles and written five books, including “The Art of Facials Aesthetics, which is recognized as a resource for patients considering facial plastic surgery. He is also co-founder of the Foundation for the Advancement of Children’s Esthetics (FACE), which provides free reconstructive surgeries to children that have experienced facial traumas and who cannot afford surgery.

To find out if Contoura LIFT ® is right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (904) 686-8020 or visiting www.contourafps.com.