Local real estate sales snapshot


Special to the Recorder

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors recorded 33 residential sales in Ponte VeDR a (32081) and Ponte VeDR a Beach (32082) for the week ending Dec. 16, 2016. Residential listing inventory (supply) continues to shrink against current sales per month (demand). The ratio points to a “Seller’s Market” condition.

Ponte Vedra 32081

Single Family Homes

$260,50021 CYPRESS BAY DR 3B/3B

$271,000305 GARDEN WOOD DR 3B/3B


$312,211148 PARK LAKE DR 4B/3B/1HB

$316,633294 PARADISE VALLEY DR 5B/2B/1HB

$329,687406 CRESTVIEW DR 3B/2B

$332,954333 TAVE RNIER DR 3B/2B

$339,900107 BISON TRAIL4B/2B/1HB

$340,104173 BISON TRAIL4B/2B/1HB

$354,900115 BISON TRAIL4B/3B

$396,263339 COCONUT PALM PKWY3B/3B

$405,900106 PINEWOODS ST4B/4B

$417,848184 WHISPER ROCK DR 4B/3B


$423,553141 CARNAUBA WAY4B/3B

$439,900290 VALLEY GROVE DR 5B/4B

$459,997130 SENEGAL DR 3B/3B

$465,000387 WINGSTONE DR 3B/3B

$495,000697 CROSS RIDGE DR 5B/4B/1HB

$533,625116 HATTER DR 3B/3B

Ponte Vedra Beach 32082

Condominium Homes

$260,000128 HIDDEN PALMS LN 3B/2B

$387,000325 S OCEAN GRANDE DR 1023B/3B

Ponte Vedra Beach, 32082

Single Family Homes

$125,000180 MARLIN AVE 2B/2B

$232,500138 SOLANO CAY CIR 2B/2B

$240,35061 SAILFISH DR 2B/2B

$400,00041 WALKERS RIDGE DR 2B/2B

$500,000120 N ROSCOE BLVD 3B/3B

$563,0001 WALKERS RIDGE DR 3B/2B/1HB

$875,0003273 OLD BARN RD W 4B/4B/1HB

$912,0001268 FISH HOOK WAY 5B/4B/1HB

$940,000809 BAYTREE LN 5B/5B/1HB

$1,832,2502463 S PONTE VEDR A BLVD 5B/4B/1HB

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