Make movement a priority in daily routine


Fitness, at all ages, is an integral part of health. It is proven that physical fitness improves multiple aspects of a person’s life. Our mental and emotional wellbeing is improved with physical health. Our bodies are less susceptible to disease and injury. When we prioritize physical fitness in our lives, we are generally happier and more likely to succeed when pursuing goals.

My perspective:

From birth until death, our bodies are meant to move. It is what we are designed to do, down to the cellular level. However, our lives condition us to be still – in classrooms, while we eat, on the couch watching Netflix and through other inactive activities. When we don’t prioritize movement, the box in which we move gets smaller and eventually, our movement stops completely. Our risk for illness and injury increases and our mental state declines. Having a body is a gift and challenging our bodies physically is a way to positively impact our health as we age.
The definition of fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. If we are physically fit, our bodies can rise to meet external demands and challenges placed upon us. When we are capable of meeting additional physical demands, it is empowering. Being able to move with little to no pain improves our mood and encourages us to do more. It goes without saying that fitness and the act of being physically fit just makes life better.

Being healthy is so much more than just our fitness level. True health encompasses our physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual state.  Our health practices are a determining factor of longevity and quality of life. Creating a healthy life starts with implementing a plan. When we follow the plan and have a routine our bodies are able to thrive.

How do we prioritize movement in our daily routines? This looks like: Scheduling a walk with friends or family after dinner, creating a schedule to work out in the gym, or with a trainer, joining recreational sports leagues, and creating fun activities and outdoors to challenge your body. Always have a plan and stick to it. Share your plan with others for accountability and to be a part of an active community. When we move together and celebrate what our bodies can do, we are more likely to continue positive behaviors.

Take one step toward achieving health and create a routine that works for yourself and your life. Start with something as simple as sticking to a bedtime and a wake-up routine, increasing the amount of water you drink, or taking a daily walk. However you do it, just begin. Your body will thank you!

Marie Merritt is the owner of Momentum Wellness, LLC. Momentum Fitness is located at 5150 Palm Valley Road, Suite 103, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082. (904) 504-9894


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