Mandala Family Wellness now open in Ponte Vedra Beach


Mandala Family Wellness has opened its office doors in Palm Valley to families across the First Coast who are seeking activities and services that promote enrichment and overall support of the family.

Dr. Katie Falwell and Dr. Rebecca Penna have brought a  team of health and wellness professionals to Ponte Vedra Beach in an effort to help local families find balance in their lives.

“We utilize a variety of techniques to improve and strengthen family relations,” the doctors said in a joint statement. “Treatment modalities such as cognitive behavior therapy, systems therapy and solution-focused therapy are used to help families not only to function as a unit, but to cope with a variety of challenges that they face in their daily lives.”

Located at 171 Canal Blvd. in Ponte Vedra Beach, Mandala Family Wellness offers a variety of services, including enrichment activities such as extracurricular programs for children, academic tutoring and parent workshops. The clinic also provided maternal and infant wellness services, including support groups, and a range of therapy services, including individual mental health therapy, family therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Additionally, various assessment services — such as psychoeducational testing, autism testing and gifted testing — are also offered.

As a neuropsychologist, Penna also works with individuals with neurological conditions such as epilepsy and traumatic brain injury, as well as learning challenges such as dyslexia and

ADHD. She provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations to determine learning

strengths and needs, as well as educational and treatment planning.

For more information about Mandala Family Wellness, visit