Marilyn Hoener retires from Ponte Vedra Public Education Foundation Board after 35 years of service


After 35 years of helping the Ponte Vedra Public Education Foundation (PVPEF) enhance the educational experience of Ponte Vedra students, Marilyn Hoener is retiring from the organization’s Board of Directors.

From heading up the enrichment committee for the PVPEF — bringing live performing arts and cultural stimulation programs to schools — to serving as president for the organization, Hoener has been a voice for the arts in Ponte Vedra.

“Marilyn has kept the fires burning over the years, always protecting the virtues of enrichment programs here in Ponte Vedra,” said Michael Hannon, founding president of the PVPEF. “She enthusiastically championed the cause of better public education while serving our organization for 35 years. Her passion for the task is rare. We have been so very lucky to have her enthusiastic leadership.”

On a similar note, Ocean Palms Elementary School art teacher Lauren Rodriguez and principal Tiffany Cantwell recently extended their gratitude to the foundation for loaning framed fine art to the school as part of an arts program for students during the 2017-2018 school year.

Rodriguez and her students created and framed a piece of art to give to the PVPEF as a thank you gift to hang in their offices. With the permission of Cantwell, the art, titled “The Thank You Art” by PVPEF, was given to Hoener for her hard work over the last 35 years on behalf of PVPEF.

Launched in 1983, the PVPEF has been dedicated to enhancing and enriching the educational experience of public school students in Ponte Vedra.

 In addition to providing public school teachers with grants to enhance their classroom instruction, the nonprofit raises funds to enrich student learning through the arts, and support school beautification efforts through artwork, landscaping, sculpture and more. Funding is provided by donations from the public and organizations. In the 2017-2018 school year, the PVPEF awarded six Ponte Vedra public schools $60,000 for enrichment, teacher mini-grants and facility enhancement.

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