Market watch: how will a hurricane impact real estate sales?


Watson Realty Corp.

Hopefully you and your family are safe from Hurricane Matthew’s unbelievable power. Despite the wind, rain and damage, we are a strong community that will rebuild what was ruined. As life returns to normal, the imminent fall season will bring good times and surprises.

As a managing broker for Watson Realty Corp., I am often asked how hurricanes affect home sales or the future of real estate. Northeast Florida and its beaches will always be a huge attraction. With its beautiful weather, great job opportunities and professional sports surrounded by endless enjoyable waterways, Florida and its real estate market will suffer only a short-lived impact from the hurricane. For a brief period, however, it will affect home closings. Some homes will need another inspection for any damage before it’s sold to new home buyers. Many homes were scheduled to close during Hurricane Mathew, and now may be delayed due to inspections.

If repairs are done, make sure to hire licensed and qualified professionals to complete the project. Natural disasters will bring out the best and unfortunately, the worst, of people. Stay aware of people posing as contractors to pick up extra work and price gouging across Northeast Florida. These businesses do not represent the majority of hard working people across our great state. I am not advocating fear, but caution.

Homes that are priced correctly are selling well in our area. At Watson Realty Corp., we have a high standard to ensure your home is priced accurately by providing market analysis. Our goal is to sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s not about getting the agent another listing. It is all about you and your home!

With Hurricane Matthew behind us, hopefully brighter days are ahead.